contemporary garden, glasgow

This garden is located in a courtyard in the city centre of Glasgow. Corten steel planters tone in with the red brick surroundings and sustainably sourced hardwood decking and ceramic paving provide contrast. Exotic planting creates a contemporary vibe. The planters have been filled with Rhus typhina ‘Dissecta’, Sanguisorba and the grasses Anemanthele lessoniana and Hakenchloa macra.

Notes on Rhus typhina
The tree pictured in the planters above is Rhus typhina, hailing originally from North America (so tough and hardy enough for our cold Glasgow climate). It is a suckering shrub which sends out new shoots from the roots to form new trees. This means they are highly suited to containerised planting as the containers easily confine their ambitions to start their own grove in your back garden. This strongly architectural shrub is ideal for a small garden, with their deeply lacerated leaves providing dappled shade. They also provide stunning Autumn colour as they turn a beautiful mix of orange, gold and red.